Hello, and thanks for visiting this webspace. My name is Nathan Belcher, and I am currently employed as the physics teacher (AP and regular) at Wando High School in Charleston, South Carolina. I have graduated from the Master's of Arts in Education (M.A.Ed) for Curriculum and Instruction program (secondary science; emphasis of physics) at the College of William and Mary in May 2010 and from the College of William and Mary in January 2009 with a major in physics.

Placement (Observation and Student-Teaching during the Master's Program)

For the 2009-2010 school year, I was placed at Berkeley Middle School in Williamsburg, Virginia in 8th grade physical science. While I initially bristled at teaching in middle school, I embraced the school and come to love it. Berkeley has some diversity within the school regarding ethnicity and gender (Berkeley Middle School Data ), and many of the students that I taught are a part of the exceptionalities program because they are classified as either special needs or gifted. I believe all students, regardless of their “placement,” are capable, and I will do my best to maximize each student’s potential.

Other Teaching

I have also taught for a semester (Spring 2009) at Williamsburg Christian Academy, a small private school in Williamsburg, Virginia. I taught three classes, physics, AP calculus, and geometry, and from this experience learned very much about myself and how to teach students. It is interesting and informative to compare what I am learning in the Master’s courses versus how I taught without any real training, and from this comparison I am understanding how I could have changed parts to improve my teaching and will change parts in the future.

Other Information

Originally, I am from Bluefield, Virginia, which is a small town on the border of Virginia and West Virginia. Both of my parents are teachers, and from this I have always heard stories about good and bad teaching. While the decision to call teaching my profession was my own, it certainly helps to have parents that are experienced teachers with which to ask advice and share stories. While in high school, I played football, basketball, and soccer, and while at William and Mary as an undergraduate played soccer. I will coach at least one of these sports eventually, and I am very much looking forward to being a coach and helping to develop players. I remember fondly the positive impact my coaches had on me as I moved through high school, and I want to provide that same positive influence on other young men as they make the transition to manhood.

eFolio Purpose

The purpose of this portfolio is to showcase the work I have done in the Master’s program. The College lists a set of competencies that we must meet to graduate from the program, and this eFolio is an effective way to do so. I hope you find the work the highest of quality, and if you have any questions about any of the writings please do not hesitate to contact me. To navigate this site, see the menu bar on the left side of the browser window. This bar has links to the different competencies, and these in turn link to other sub-sites. To return to the home page of this site, simply click the HOME link.